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The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them.

John Maxwell

At CMC Leadership we recognize the demand for both holistic and specialized learning opportunities in leadership. We offer a menu of workshops suitable for the business and education sectors. Further, we believe in customizable offerings suited to the needs of your organization. We can offer these workshops both in person and online. In addition, we can work with you to modify, add or subtract from the menu below and develop a single workshop or full program.

In addition, CMC Leadership offers

a holistics leadership program, learn more about it now.

Meet Your Facilitator

Catherine McCullough, President and CEO of CMC Leadership is an accomplished workshop developer, facilitator and certified executive leadership coach. She brings 35+ years of experience as an Educational CEO and Executive Director. Catherine’s expertise qualifies her to lead individuals and teams in the pursuit of increased self-awareness and organizational effectiveness.

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