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Workshops & Engagements

At CMC Leadership we recognize the demand for both holistic and specialized learning opportunities in leadership. We offer a menu of workshops suitable for the business and education sectors. Further, we believe in customizable offerings suited to the needs of your organization. We can offer these workshops both in person and online. In addition, we can work with you to modify, add or subtract from the menu below and develop a single workshop or full program.

Meet Your Facilitator


Catherine McCullough, President and CEO of CMC Leadership is an accomplished workshop developer, facilitator and certified executive leadership coach. She brings 35+ years of experience as an Educational CEO and Executive Director. Catherine’s expertise qualifies her to lead individuals and teams in the pursuit of increased self-awareness and organizational effectiveness.

Popular Workshops & Engagements


Leadership Resiliency And Emotional Intelligence: This workshop focuses on the acknowledgement by leaders and professionals around the importance of well-developed emotional intelligence and resiliency and its relevance to positive workplace culture and relationships. Expanding the use of the personal leadership resources guides organization success.


Strong Districts And Their Leadership: These workshops focus on the conditions and supports necessary to develop the nine characteristics of Strong Districts in their organizations. These nine characteristics, based on the research of Dr. Ken Leithwood, enable a district’s schools and classrooms to do their improvement work effectively and to make a difference to student learning and well being.


Aspiring Leaders- A Journey Of Growth And Discernment: This workshop exposes current and aspiring leaders to the foundation of successful leadership practices and guides them through a framework and a process of a leadership growth plan. Those who are newly appointed leadership positions or are aspiring to leadership positions need to build on their existing leadership skills and continue to build their leadership capacity.


Implementing Change that Sticks: Developing knowledge on the components of effective change management and accelerating and optimizing individual’s involvement to ensure lasting benefits to the change. Catherine is certified in the Prosci Change Management tool and introduces participants to tools and resources for successful and lasting change to stick.


Strategic Planning – A Roadmap for the Future: This workshop clearly defines the complete strategic planning process and guides participants in the process of what is necessary to develop and execute a strategic plan using a model that the entire organization can follow. This workshop teaches participants the key components that are necessary to develop a robust strategic plan inclusive of vision & mission.


Intercultural Competency: There is increasing diversity in the workplace, as well as a need for culturally sensitive services. Canada is a multicultural nation with over 21.9% of our population coming to Canada from other countries. Canadian businesses have faced strong competition in the global market, and as a result, have developed operations worldwide, sent employees to work across state borders, and developed joint ventures with foreign partners.

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