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Leadership For Equity

2021 to 2022 Second Annual Webinar Series: Leadership for Equity

Hosted in partnership with Council of Ontario Directors of Education, Canadian Association of School System Administrator and The Learning Partnership.

By popular demand, we will continue to offer this accessible, virtual learning opportunity for senior educational leaders across Canada as we begin our 2021/2022 school year.

This leadership series continues to be built on evidence-based research, problem based learning, professional publications, and practical strategies for leading. The speakers and topics have been chosen based on your feedback and the urgent leadership priorities you identified.

Leadership For Equity - Webinar Series

We have intentionally scheduled the first two speakers prior to school opening, and we urge senior leadership teams to participate as a group to inform your collective expertise.

The program will focus on effective approaches and strategies to consider as we return and move forward to optimize support to the students, staff and communities we serve.

Our educational guest experts will focus on practical leadership initiatives to consider implementing within your organization.

The first series consists of three modules, each 90-minutes in duration, delivered online, in an interactive webinar format. Each session connects and builds on the learning from the previous webinar. *All sessions will be recorded and provided to all participants within 48 hour. Valuable resource materials and publications will be provided.

The dates for section two and three will be announced in August 2021, and webinar topics and speakers are subject to change.

2021 to 2022 Second Annual Webinar Series


District Systems to Support Equitable and High-Quality Teaching and Learning

Speaker: Meredith I. Honig, Ph.D., Professor, Education Policy, Organizations & Leadership; and Director, District Leadership Design Lab (DL2), University of Washington

Date: August 24 at 11:00am EST

Prioritizing Social Emotional Learning for Our Students

Speaker: Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl, PhD, NoVo Foundation Endowed Chair in Social and Emotional Learning; and Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago

Date: August 31 at 10:30am EST

Culturally Responsive School Leadership

Speaker: Dr. Muhammad Khalifia, Professor of Educational Administration; and Executive Director of Urban and Rural Initiatives, Ohio State University

Date: September 30 at 11:00am EST


Intercultural Relationships through the Equity, Inclusivity and Diversity Lens

Speaker: Dr. Michele Manocchi, Founder & Owner of Michele Manocchi Organizational Consulting; and Coordinator for MA in Research for Policy and Evaluation at the University of Western Ontario

Date: to be announced in August 2021

Making Change in Turbulent Times

Speaker: Peggie Koenig, President and CEO of Koenig & Associates Inc.

Date: to be announced in August 2021

Education Insights from a Journalists Perspective - Panel Discussion

Speakers: panel of journalists to be announced in August 2021

Date: to be announced in August 2021


Crafting Your Leadership Message - How to Deliver More Effective Messages and Presentations

Speaker: Angie Flynn-McIver is a communications skills specialist, certified leadership coach, and theatre professional.

Date: to be announced in August 2021

Components of a High Quality Leadership Development Program


Dr. Kenneth Leithwood, Emeritus Professor at the University of Toronto, OISE

Prof. Dr. Phillip Hallinger, TSDF Chair Professor of Leadership and Sustainable Development at College of Management, Mahidol University

Date: to be announced in August 2021

Building Diverse and Inclusive Organizational Culture through Effective Hiring Practices

Speaker: Janet Stewart, Founder & Principal Consultant, EduSelect

Date: to be announced in August 2021


Section One


Meredith I. Honig, Ph.D.
Professor, Education Policy, Organizations & Leadership
Director, District Leadership Design Lab (DL2)
University of Washington

This session examines an urgent challenge facing school districts in Canadian provinces as they return to in-person schooling: How to ensure each school principal has the support necessary for their successful leadership of equitable teaching and learning? Meredith’s research and district partnerships highlight that doing so requires fundamental shifts throughout central offices starting with principal supervision. In this session, we will zero in on which new forms of principal supervision help principals grow as equity-focused instructional leadership. What does that principal supervision involve day-to-day? How can districts and provinces support principal supervisors’ success? Why is now the time to make those changes? We will explore the research findings alongside practical examples and consider implications for our own work.

This session draws on Meredith’s extensive research on principal supervision and central office leadership in U.S. contexts as well as her team’s district partnerships, and her leadership of Leadership for Learning, the University of Washington’s nationally recognized Ed.D. and superintendent certification program. Key takeaways from Meredith’s most recent book Supervising Principals for Instructional Leadership: A Teaching and Learning Approach will be shared.

Date: August 24, 2021 Time: 11:00am EST


Section One


Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl, PhD
NoVo Foundation Endowed Chair in Social and Emotional Learning
Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago

Dr. Schonert-Reichl is a renowned expert in the area of social and emotional learning (SEL) research with children and adolescents, particularly in relation to the identification of the processes and mechanisms that foster positive human qualities such as empathy, compassion, altruism, and resiliency. For more than two decades, Dr. Schonert-Reichl’s research has focused on the social and emotional development of children and adolescents in school and community settings. Her current projects include studies examining the effectiveness of classroom-based universal social and emotional learning (SEL) programs including the MindUp, program, and the Random Acts of Kindness program. Dr. Schonert-Reichl is also conducting interdisciplinary research in collaboration with neuroscientists and psychobiologists examining the relation of executive functions and biological processes to children’s social and emotional development in school settings.

This session will focus on the promotion of social and emotional learning (SEL) to transform the lives of students and educators. The session will provide a guide for understanding how systemic approaches to SEL provide a foundation for developing equitable learning contexts that promote the social and emotional competencies of adults and children to support success and well-being. Implementation and leadership strategies that are successfully being used in Districts will be shared, including information on how SEL can be promoted as students return to school post pandemic.

Date: August 31, 2021 Time: 10:30am EST


Section One


Dr. Muhammad Khalifia
Professor of Educational Administration
Executive Director of Urban and Rural Initiatives
Ohio State University

How should humanization, anti-oppressiveness, and cultural responsiveness be systematized in school? This presentation focuses on how school leaders can effectively serve minoritized students—those who have been historically marginalized in school and society. The lecture suggests that leaders must be central to culturally responsive school reforms, and demonstrates how leaders can engage students, parents, teachers, and communities in ways that positively impact learning by honouring indigenous heritages and local cultural practices.

Dr. Khalifa explores three basic premises. First, that a full-fledged and nuanced understanding of “cultural responsiveness” is essential to successful school leadership. Second, that cultural responsiveness will not flourish and succeed in schools without sustained efforts by school leaders to define and promote it. Finally, that culturally responsive school leadership comprises a number of crucial leadership behaviors, which include critical self-reflection; the development of culturally responsive teachers; the promotion of inclusive, anti-oppressive school environments; and engagement with students’ indigenous community contexts.

In this particular, we take a much deeper look at Critical Self-Reflection. Based on ethnographic research of a culturally responsive school principal, I’ll provide educators with pedagogy and strategies for immediate implementation. The lecture ends by highlighting a central theme of community and how community-based knowledge should be positioned in all aspects of schooling. We anchor the lecture with several activities that get leaders to begin thinking about Culturally Responsive School Leadership. Implementation strategies that are successfully being used in Districts will be shared.

Date: September 30, 2021 Time: 11:00am EST

Leadership For Equity - Webinar Series
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