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About Us

Developing strong leaders through evidence based practice

Our Vision: Leadership strategy optimized

Our Mission: Developing strong leaders through evidence based practice

CMC Leadership was founded in 2014 in response to the demand for professional learning opportunities for leaders in education and business.

It is proven that ongoing leadership development is fundamental to individual and organizational success.

Having skills that create positive influence on individuals and teams within the organization escalates the achievement of the organization’s vision and goals.

Effective leaders must develop multiple strategies in order to encourage high performing individuals, teams and organizations. This is inclusive of a quality strategic planning and management process for the organization you lead.

Great leaders inspire and ignite passion in others.

We believe that on the job learning blended with mentoring, coaching and the opportunity to increase self awareness and develop positive behaviors results in developing leadership skills.

A leader’s success is accompanied by strong emotional intelligence. People with well-developed Emotional Intelligence form strong relationships, communicate effectively and develop trust.

Our services include Emotional Intelligence workshops to develop increased self-awareness, including the use of a range of leadership tools that support individual and team executive development.

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