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Leadership Resiliency and Emotional Intelligence

This workshop focuses on the acknowledgement by leaders and professionals around the importance of well-developed emotional intelligence and resiliency and its relevance to positive workplace culture and relationships. Expanding the use of the personal leadership resources guides organization success.


– Recognize the benefits of developing emotional intelligence (EI)
– Define EI competencies and origins
– Identify personal strengths and limitations using the EQi2.O or EQi360 framework
– Apply the researched EQi2.O competency framework to optimize professional performance and working relationships
– Build a personal development strategy

What You Will Cover

The Meaning and Value of Emotional Intelligence
– Defining Emotional Intelligence (EI)
– Relating the behaviours, impact and challenges of EI on workplace performance
– Identifying your workplace relationships and their importance to yourself and others

Explaining the EI Competency Framework
– Defining the five domains in the EQi2.O Emotional Intelligence model
– Explaining the relevant competencies associated with each domain

Gaining Personal Insight into Your EI Competencies Through a Self-Assessment
– Describing your EI strengths and challenges to illustrate your EQi2.O profile
– Selecting potential developmental areas for enhancing your EI skills

Tools and Techniques for Increasing Competence in the Five Domains of EQi2.0
– Explaining each domain: Self Perceptions, Self Expression, Interpersonal
– Decision Making and Stress Management
– Describing developmental activities that will increase skill and understanding
– Practising developmental activities associated with each domain

Identifying Areas for Improvement and Specific Steps for Developing Emotional Intelligence
– Consolidating information from assessment/reflection into an action plan
– Planning specific techniques to act on improvement areas
– Devising methods to maintain focus on development plans

This workshop is appropriate for large or small groups and can be offered in a (one or two day) workshop format.

Online webinars followed by live question and answer is also an option.

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