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Implementing Change that Sticks

Developing knowledge on the components of effective change management and accelerating and optimizing individual’s involvement to ensure lasting benefits to the change. Catherine is certified in the Prosci Change Management tool and introduces participants to tools and resources for successful and lasting change to stick.


Organizations are facing faster, more complex, more interdependent and more cross-functional change than ever before. Being able to deliver results on multiple changes allows an organization to achieve their strategic vision and thrive in today’s changing landscape. Applying change management strategies enable organizations to deliver results on each change more effectively and build competencies that grow the organization’s capacity to tackle more changes at one time.

Who attends

This workshop is appropriate for those in leadership positions (individuals or leadership teams) who are implementing or supporting change in an organization.

What you will learn?

How to effectively implement
– A Communication plan
– A Coaching plan
– A Training plan
– A Resistance management plan
– Reinforcement planning

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