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Discovery Leadership Profile

360 Degree Feedback empowers leaders and managers to master their own development by providing the information they need to be more successful. The Discovery Leadership Profile™ is a full featured 360 degree feedback assessment available to professionals at a fraction of the cost of similar assessments. Nine years of research and input from over 3000 mid to senior level managers were invested in the development of the assessment. The result is a powerful 360 Degree Feedback assessment that focuses on the most critical developmental goals of contemporary managers while delivering tremendous return on your training budget.


This comprehensive leadership style assessment gathers perspectives regarding leadership performance from an individual in a leadership position and 30 raters. Based on research that identifies competencies critical for effective leadership, performance is measured using 40 items grouped into 10 competency categories. The results of the leader’s self-assessment are then compared to the aggregated results of the raters, completing the leadership style assessment in order to clearly highlight strengths and developmental needs. In addition, the Discovery Leadership Profile™ includes the Plus assessment, a 12-week goal-setting process to aid participants in lasting change based on their individual feedback.


Enables leaders to learn how those who are important to their success see their performance
Compares self-perceptions to the perceptions of others
Identifies leaders’ strengths and developmental needs
Provides a starting point for further developmental planning


  • Option for up to 5 custom open-ended questions
  • Maximizing Results participant workbook
  • Online administration
  • Available in English, French and Spanish


CMC Leadership’s blended learning certification process can be completed quickly and remotely in three steps:

  1. Register online. A CMC Leadership Consultant will connect with you via email to begin the certification process.
  2. Learn online with interactive modules.
  3. Receive one-on-one coaching with a CMC Leadership Master Trainer on the best way to use the tool.

With certification you receive:

  • Up to 2 hours of individual coaching from a CMC Leadership Master Trainer
  • CMC Leadership Support tools
  • Access to Exclusive Normative Reporting
  • Downloadable Facilitator Guide
  • Downloadable PowerPoint slides
  • Online Training Modules
  • Access to Online Assessment Center
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